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Refrigeration of buildings

ITC and server rooms

We deliver ICT industry refrigeration solutions for all sizes of server rooms. The right size, expansion possibilities and recovery of the heat that is generated for further processing are in a key role when designing a new refrigeration solution to replace the old.

Cooling of ventilation systems

The cooling of air conditioning systems in buildings and work spaces promotes well-being and increases productivity. We deliver refrigeration systems of the right size for the facilities in question and district cooling solutions for commercial buildings and larger municipal properties. It is possible to integrate the energy efficient district cooling system into the existing systems by replacing the old equipment with new heat exchangers.

Dehumidification of air

We manufacture and deliver systems for controlling air humidity. The condense dehumidification process saves energy and does not require a separate heating station. It is particularly well suited for the wood industry, construction and renovation sites, the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, power plants, museums and archives and the facilities of municipalities and the defence forces.