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Maintenance services

Maintenance requests

Maintenance requests 24/7
+358 800 950 950

Pavel Beirad
Project Manager, maintenance requests
Southern Finland and the Tampere region
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Maintenance service 24/7

We provide maintenance services for all brands of refrigeration equipment in the Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa regions. Our on-call services will answer any time of the day. For our ice stadium, industrial and property-specific overhaul contract clients, we can offer a substantial cost advantage in prices such as spare parts.

Overhaul contracts

An overhaul contract with Findri is a worthwhile deal! In addition to the cost advantages (spare parts, on-call visits, statutory check-ups, regular maintenance visits), our overhaul contract clients enjoy outstanding system reliability and energy efficiency. We conduct leakage check-ups, system analysis and Clima Check analysis that are intended to provide optimal efficiency of the refrigeration systems and the solutions as a whole, all in a fast and cost effective manner.

Please contact us for a quote: +358 800 950 950

Distance monitoring

Findri’s COOL CAPTAIN distance monitoring provides flexibility and continuity. COOL CAPTAIN makes it possible to monitor the energy consumption and performance of the refrigeration system in real time.

  • Distance monitoring 24/7
  • Automated alarms
  • Reports and constant measurement of energy consumption
  • Reduction of unexpected faults
  • Reduction of CO² emissions
  • Proactive maintenance service is possible

Condition check-ups and repairs

We conduct condition check-ups and repair services for all cooling systems and refrigeration devices. In a preventive check-up, all the components of a system are inspected and tested and any parts with risk associated will be replaced. Furthermore, we will provide a quote if more extensive replacements or modernisation of the systems are needed.

Compressor repairs

We carry out maintenance and repair services on compressors of all brands. The compressor in need maintenance of maintenance will be picked up and taken to our test bench, inspected its bearings, valves and seals repaired after which the equipment, with its reliability assured, will be returned to the site. If there is no reserve capacity in the system, we can carry out the preventive maintenance tasks during a normal or a separately scheduled shutdown.