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Refrigeration solutions for industrial use

Agriculture and the food industry

Intermediate storages of agricultural products need refrigeration solutions that are carefully scaled and reliable. Our energy efficient refrigeration solutions can be installed to an existing, storage facility in operation, with only small adjustments. The ready-made worksheets ensure that the best possible air handling results are achieved, in accordance with storage volume and production capacity.

Cold stores and freezers

We provide refrigeration solutions for cold stores and freezers for the needs of retail, restaurants, primary production, food industry logistics and logistic centres. The uninterrupted operation of technology combined with inexpensive care and supervision contracts are an efficient way of managing the cold chain that is vital in these sectors.

Testing containers and facilities

We manufacture testing containers for the testing of products, equipment and components for industrial needs. Easily transferable and adjustable testing containers are equipped with precisely adjustable refrigeration technology and the measuring equipment needed.

Test tracks

Findri’s mobile artificial ice tracks are used as a cover surface on car and tyre testing tracks. This technology ensures that the properties and composition of the ice cover remain unchanged irrespective of changes in weather conditions. A mobile artificial ice makes it possible to pick a more cost-efficient location for the test track.