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Ice for ice stadiums, arenas and rinks

Ice stadiums and arenas

We provide refrigeration technology solutions for ice stadiums and international ice arenas of all sizes. The properties of high-quality ice are our expertise and we are able to meet the high standards required in critical places. Our technology rests on prefabricated modules, seamlessly integrated into the technology of the building; this means that the systems will achieve a higher degree of operational reliability and maximum energy efficiency.

Training rinks

In the construction projects of traditional training rinks and airdomes, our offer includes consulting services for companies, associations and public administration. In addition to the delivery of refrigeration modules that are suitable to compact ice rinks, we can assist in the selection of construction planning and contractors and the suppliers or fixed furniture and rinks. You can also benefit from our in-depth experience in the cost-effective sizing of ventilation and water recirculation systems in the changing rooms, break rooms and spectator stands.

Artificial ice tracks

We provide refrigeration technology and piping for outdoor ice rinks and skating venues of all sizes. The device will be selected to be of energy efficient size, depending on the size of the ice and the selected period of use, and it will operate in an engine container that can be remodelled to blend in its surroundings or feature supplementary service facilities, such as a kiosk or equipment rentals.

Mobile ice tracks

A mobile artificial ice rink makes it possible to offer a high-quality ice-skating rink for public use, even when the weather conditions are unpredictable. Suitable for use through the whole winter season, or for short PR events and marketing campaigns, a mobile, artificial ice rink can be set up in a shopping centre, park or a car park. The delivery will comprise the mobile refrigeration equipment, fit to the size of the area, and the necessary cooling pipe systems. After temporary use, the area will be returned to its original purpose of use.

Maintenance of snow and ice

When snow matters, Findri is your reliable partner. With our technology, it is possible and cost effective to extend the skiing season or do winter sports all year round in a closed space. We deliver the necessary refrigeration systems to ski jumping hills, ski slopes, ski tunnels, bobsleigh tracks and snow storages. Our comprehensive solutions also make it possible to direct the lost heat, generated in the refrigeration process, for useful and environmentally friendly purposes.