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Findri products and services in brief

Ice stadiums and ice rinks

  • Ice stadiums and arenas; ice and air handling solutions in Finland and abroad
  • Training arenas, airdomes. Comprehensive project consulting services.
  • Artificial ice-rinks, open ice rinks. Permanent solutions for sports, professional and recreational use.
  • Transferrable ice tracks. Artificial ice rinks for seasonal and campaigns use.
  • Ski tunnels, bobsleigh tracks, ski jumping hills, ski slopes and snow storage areas for extending the season.

Industrial solutions

  • Refrigeration solutions for agriculture and the food industry; storing and quality assurance of perishable goods.
  • Refrigeration of cold stores and freezers; refrigeration solutions for logistic centres.
  • Testing facilities and containers for cold-endurance tests of products and components.
  • Test tracks for testing the properties of cars, tyres and vehicles.

Refrigeration of buildings

  • Refrigeration solutions for ITC and server rooms, complete air handling systems.
  • Air handling solutions for the processing industry and assembly lines.
  • Cooling of ventilation systems
  • Dehumidification and purification of air

Maintenance services

  • Maintenance service 24/7, all brands
  • Overhaul contracts, cost-effective service models
  • Repair services, all systems
  • Distance monitoring
  • Condition check-ups
  • Compressor repairs

System modernisation

  • Replacement of old systems or partial modernisation projects
  • Component replacements, new technical solutions
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants required by law
  • Care and supervision contacts

Expert services

  • Ice stadium maintenance project consulting
  • Consulting on projects for ensuring the properties, cost-efficiency and user satisfaction of ice coating
  • Lecture visits, exhibitions and conferences (FIN, EN, RUS)